Why winter could be the right time to hire a Garden Designer


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I’m currently looking out at my own garden, gale force winds threatening to send the garden’s contents into the fields behind our house. (I actually think they already have, to some extent.)

I also know it’s not just exceedingly windy, but absolutely freezing. All in all, not exactly making me feel inclined to spend time outdoors.  I’m also fully aware that the effort and expense of Christmas has only just subsided. Given all of this, why would we want to start thinking about spending money on our gardens, especially when summer seems so far away?

The most obvious thing to do, even if you know you want your garden designed, is to add it to your “summer to-do list”. Come back to it in spring or summer, when its relevant.

Well, that is an option. But there are several reasons why it might be better to start the ball rolling now:

  1. Garden Designers tend to be quieter in the winter months, whereas many have a waiting list once it comes to Spring/Summer, so you may need to wait before you can start the process.
  1. For me, the point of working with a Garden Designer is to make your garden the very best it can be. You will be getting something completely bespoke, a true investment. So, don’t hurry the process. Give yourselves and the designer some breathing space and be confident that you will be thrilled with the end result.
  1. For a smaller project – perhaps a new planting scheme – planting up in Spring is ideal, both for the plants, and for you. They get time to become established, and when summer does finally get going, you’ll be able to enjoy the look of your new garden in its very first year.
  1. For bigger projects, you will need a contractor for the construction work. Good contractors are VERY busy. This means once the design work is finished, you might have a delay before construction can start. Starting the design work ahead of schedule can take some of the pressure away when having to wait for the contractor to start.
  1. Often, the logic is “once I’ve finished the house, then we can start on the garden”. Understandable, but why not involve the garden designer earlier on? For example, if you are having an extension, they can liaise with your architect/builders on any aspects which affect both house and garden.

Even if you feel you are not quite ready to start the process, I’d love to hear from you if you are thinking of hiring a Garden Designer at some point in the future.  Feel free to discuss your ideas with me –  fill in the form on the contact page, drop me a line to lewis(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)lewiswilliamsgardens.co.uk or call me on 07939 656166.