The Design Process

What happens when you hire a Garden Designer?

This is a guide to the process for a full redesign of a garden.  Every garden is different, and everybody is different, which means I can often put together a different package to suit your needs. If you are looking for me to provide just a planting design, this is likely to be more straightforward than an extensive garden design.

I approach every project, large or small, as a complete one-off. Give me a call or fill in the contact form – we can discuss an approach which best suits your needs.

Planting plan for garden design
Consultation Visit

After our initial conversation over the phone, I will arrange to come and see the site, discuss your requirements and start to formulate initial ideas as to how we are going to approach the project. If you share with me what would really make you treasure your garden, and be excited about using it, I’ll do everything possible to make that happen.

Site Survey

In order for me to design as accurately as possible, a full site survey and analysis will be carried out. As well as recording boundaries and topography, I also assess site conditions, existing features and any influencing factors in the surrounding area. In larger or more complex sites, a professional surveyor will be commissioned to perform the survey. Even then, I will always visit the location myself to perform a detailed site analysis, so that the design will be based on first-hand experience of the garden.

Concept Development

Based on your brief and our evaluation of the site, I will put together an initial sketch concept. This will capture the essence of how I see the design working, and from this you will get a feel of how the space will work, what atmosphere will be created and how the flow of movement around the garden will work. To help you envisage the garden as it will look, I will also prepare 3D images to accompany the main concept plan. The concept may be hand drawn, CAD, or a combination of both, to best suit the type of project.

Master Plan & Construction Drawings

Once we are happy with the concept, the next stage is to finalise the design. A fully-detailed, scaled Master Plan will be provided, along with construction details for any built aspects. This all ensures that the design will be constructed exactly as intended. Specifications will accompany the construction details, making it easier for your chosen contractor to understand exactly what is required.

Planting Plan

To accompany the Master Plan, a full detailed Planting Plan will be provided, showing specific locations of every plant within the garden, accompanied by a full plant schedule. This contains full latin plant names and quantities, required to enable accurate ordering of all the plants needed. Along with the Planting Plan I provide maintenance advice, with details of how to look after each of the plants – what, when and how.


If I am only doing a planting scheme for you, it is likely that I will be able to not only design the planting scheme, but carry out the planting for you (unless you prefer to do this yourself). If more substantial construction work is required, you will be given everything you need to obtain detailed quotes from your chosen contractors. I have relationships with trusted companies that I can put you in touch with, or if you have your own preferred contractor, that’s fine – whichever you feel most comfortable with.  I will visit the site during the build to help ensure everyone involved is happy with how things are progressing, and both you and your contractor are more than welcome to speak to me at any time.


Lewis Williams Gardens – Garden Designer, West Yorkshire.